Brandon Waggoner


Brandon Waggoner is a Licensed Professonal Counselor (LPC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). He received his Master of Arts (MA) in Professional counseling from Liberty University in 2013 and has several years experience in many populations and also holds a Master of Science (MS) in Commercial Aviation. Currently he is a PhD candidate in Counselor Education and Supervison. Throughout this education, Brandon received training and experience in multiple areas. These include marital and premarital counseling, anger, depression, anxiety, sexuality and sexual addictions, as well as spiritual issues.

He is certified in both the marital and premarital PREPARE/ENRICH therapy program and the suicide prevention A.S.I.S.T. program. His population experience ranges from teens through senior citizens. For the last ten years he has been mentoring and teaching young adults through community involvement as well as overseas missions trips.

Brandon approaches the counseling relationship from a Biblical worldview as he seeks to provide each person with both insight and skills. He uses a holistic approach to counseling which includes cognitive-behavioral, solution focused, and Biblical principles. He believes that relying on God and these Biblical principles provide the framework and thrust of the growth and healing process.

Brandon lives with his wife and three children, and enjoys tending to their small “farm,” complete with a few chickens, dog, and cat. He enjoys traveling, both on road trips with his wife and on overseas missions trips.


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Brandon and Heather, Josiah, Benaiah, and Aslyn