a. Purposes of clinical supervision
b. Theoretical frameworks and models of clinical supervision
c. Roles and relationships related to clinical supervision
d. Skills of clinical supervision
e. Opportunities for developing a personal style of clinical supervision
f. Assessment of supervisees’ developmental level and other relevant characteristics
g. Modalities of clinical supervision and the use of technology
h. Administrative procedures and responsibilities related to clinical supervision
i. Evaluation, remediation, and gatekeeping in clinical supervision
j. Legal and ethical issues and responsibilities in clinical supervision
k. Culturally relevant strategies for conducting clinical supervision

Personal Supervision Model

This document demonstrates my ability to know and understand the supervision models and adapt them into my own model. 

Meets criteria

a. b. c. d. i. j. k. 

Supervision Video 

For the requirements of COUC 714, a supervisee was found and several sessions were scheduled for practice supervision throughout the semester. The supervisee was a master level counselor at a local counseling agency. The attached artifacts are the professor feedback as well as the supervisee feedback to watching the submitted videos of the supervision sessions. 

Meets criteria

e. f. g. h. i. j. 

Consultation Model

As a fulfillment for the requirements for COUC 714, the following paper was written to propose a consultation model. The proposed consultation was designed for a local church to help with their mental health evaluation and intervention. 

Meets criteria

h. i. j. k. 


Once the artifacts are complete, a reflection will be written as an overview of the learning objectives.