a. Research designs appropriate to quantitative and qualitative research questions
b. Univariate and multivariate research designs and data analysis methods
c. Qualitative designs and approaches to qualitative data analysis
d. Emergent research practices and processes
e. Models and methods of instrument design
f. Models and methods of program evaluation
g. Research questions appropriate for professional research and publication
h. Professional writing for journal and newsletter publication
i. Professional conference proposal preparation
j. Design and evaluation of research proposals for a human subjects/institutional review board
k. Grant proposals and other sources of funding
l. Ethical and culturally relevant strategies for conducting research



Experimental Proposal

The attached artifact is an experimental proposal for a research study on treatment for pornography use. It was in fulfillment for COUC 740 and 745. Also attached is instructor feedback on the literature review for the same proposal. 

Meets criteria 

a. b. d. e. g. j. l. 


Proposed Article

The attached artifact is an article proposal for a proposed treatment for pornography use. It was in fulfillment for COUC 810 Dissemination of Research and Scholarship. Also attached is instructor feedback as well as the corrections made based on the feedback. 

Meets criteria 

a. b. d. e. g. l. 


Research Poster

As part of the fulfillment for COUC 745, research was done on archival data through PROCESS. The topic was on self-compassion as a moderator for pornography use. The attachment is the poster itself representing the research conducted. 

Meets criteria

a. b. d. e. g. i. l. 


SACES Article Proposal

The attached is a proposed article for the newsletter for the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Newsletter for the first quarter. The proposed article was for increasing access to technical careers for minorities through a career counseling lens.  

Meets criteria

g. h.  


SACES Conference Proposal 

The attached is a proposed presentation for the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Newsletter for the 2020 conference.  The proposed presentation was for increasing access to technical careers for minorities through a career counseling lens.  

Meets criteria

g. i.  


Qualitative Research Project

The attached paper is a qualitative research project conducted during the intensive for COUC 750. The study focused on the themes found for persistence in doctoral candidates within the program at Liberty University. Along with the paper highlighting the study findings, feedback is also provided as an additional artifact. 

Meets criteria

a. c. d. e. f. g. j. l. 


Grant Proposal 

In fulfillment for COUC 850, a grant proposal was completed and feedback given. The proposal was for the American Counseling Association Foundation for funding for research. 

Meets criteria






      To say that being involved in research was anxiety producing prior to my doctoral journey would be somewhat of an understatement. Statistics and developing research proposals was a skill that I simply was not interested in. Reading research articles and looking at results sections would fill my head with confusion. However, through my numerous courses and much help from professors who have a passion for research, I have begun to not only enjoy research but to see the critical nature it plays in counseling. Many in the field of counseling note the importance of using empirically based interventions and methods. Yet, it is only through research that these new insights are learned. Counseling is also very person centered. Therefore, the ability and need to research is vast and necessary. I have grown from seeing research and scholarship as not just a necessary evil, but an essential privilege. I want to continually be involved in researching knowledge that can help the hurting and stuck. It really is only through this avenue that true healing insights can be gained.

       Through some of my conference presentations and proposals, I have gained the mindset that I can be involved in the research and scholarship process. While peer reviewed article submissions for publication are a worthwhile pursuit, I also have learned that much of my experience and work through this program include aspects that can and should be shared with others. Simply thinking that I can do this and be involved is a learned strength. I want to continue to collaborate with colleagues and use a team mentality to challenge each other to continue to be involved in this competency.

      One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome and still struggle with is to constantly assume that I am wrong. One of my professors emphasized this in several courses and it has stuck with me even though I struggle with it. I constantly have biases and assumptions that get in my way of looking for true answers to questions. Additionally, my pride often gets in the way and leads to fear in this competency. Research and scholarship often requires much work, little to no compensation, and the high likelihood of rejection and criticism of submitted work. I need to work on my acceptance of criticism as beneficial and not allow fear to keep me from continuing research and scholarship.

       My faith in Christ is critical for my ability to overcome fear and hurt that may arise through professional criticism. My identity is in Christ and He is my source of strength and future. Through this safe place and relationship, I can boldly enter the world of research to truly find answers to meaningful questions.