a. Research designs appropriate to quantitative and qualitative research questions
b. Univariate and multivariate research designs and data analysis methods
c. Qualitative designs and approaches to qualitative data analysis
d. Emergent research practices and processes
e. Models and methods of instrument design
f. Models and methods of program evaluation
g. Research questions appropriate for professional research and publication
h. Professional writing for journal and newsletter publication
i. Professional conference proposal preparation
j. Design and evaluation of research proposals for a human subjects/institutional review board
k. Grant proposals and other sources of funding
l. Ethical and culturally relevant strategies for conducting research



Experimental Proposal

The attached artifact is an experimental proposal for a research study on treatment for pornography use. It was in fulfillment for COUC 740 and 745. Also attached is instructor feedback on the literature review for the same proposal. 

Meets criteria 

a. b. d. e. g. j. l. 


Research Poster

As part of the fulfillment for COUC 745, research was done on archival data through PROCESS. The topic was on self-compassion as a moderator for pornography use. The attachment is the poster itself representing the research conducted. 

Meets criteria

a. b. d. e. g. i. l. 


Qualitative Research Project

The attached paper is a qualitative research project conducted during the intensive for COUC 750. The study focused on the themes found for persistence in doctoral candidates within the program at Liberty University. Along with the paper highlighting the study findings, feedback is also provided as an additional artifact. 

Meets criteria

a. c. d. e. f. g. j. l. 





Once the artifacts are complete, a reflection will be written as an overview of the learning objectives.