a. Roles and responsibilities related to educating counselors
b. Pedagogy and teaching methods relevant to counselor education
c. Models of adult development and learning
d. Instructional and curriculum design, delivery, and evaluation methods relevant to counselor
e. Effective approaches for online instruction
f. Screening, remediation, and gatekeeping functions relevant to teaching
g. Assessment of learning
h. Ethical and culturally relevant strategies used in counselor preparation the role of mentoring
in counselor education
i. The role of mentoring in counselor education




Teaching Internship

During the teaching internship for COUC 970, I was able to teach COUN 505 Counseling Techniques and the Helping Relationship in the Masters program. I co-taught during the large lecture portion of the class, did teaching supervision for skills practice, and participated in online skills practice. The artifacts attached are my lesson plan evaluation, faculty feedback, and student feedback. 

Meets criteria

a. b. c. d. f. g. h. i. 


Teaching Practice

In fulfillment of the requirements for COUC 747 I was able to participate in teaching practice with some students learning counselor education basic skills. Attached are the lesson plan example and faculty feedback. 

Meets criteria

a. b. c. d. g. h. 


Philosophy of Teaching

In fulfillment for the requirements for COUC 747, the attached paper detailed my personal philosophy of teaching. It outlines my desire for experiential learning and how to assess learning, gate-keeping, and mentorship. 

Meets criteria

a. b. f. g. h. i. 





Once the artifacts are complete, a reflection will be written as an overview of the learning objectives.